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My Graduate Portfolio

MEd. Learning Experiences
    1. List of MEd. Experiences
    2. Samples of my Work During the Program
        -Mr. Bear Project
            *Literature from GEMS Guide
        -Bulletin Board Photographs
        -Story-Telling Center from ECE Conference
    3. Lessons and Assessments 
        -Social Studies Unit
        -Money Centers Unit
        -Assessments from Ohio Reads Tutoring
        -Running Records
Beliefs about Teaching
    1. CGI Work
        -Problem Types Chart
    2. Classroom Management Philosophy
    3. Liberatory Education Application Paper
    4. Photographs of me Teaching
Beliefs about Learning
    1. Differentiated Lesson on Robert Munsch
    2. Integrated Unit
    3. Students' Work
        -Writing Workshop Samples
        -Tyler's Work
        -Haunted Book Photos
Personal Revelation
    1. Observation Summary
    2. Minilessons
    3. Technology Statement
Content Area Learning as an MEd.
    1. Snail Project Photographs
    2. Measurement Lesson from NCTM Resource File
    3. Science Camp Chalkboard Graphs
Reflecting for Improvement
    1. Reflection from Field at Granville
    2. Ongoing Reflections with Dr. Kos
    3. Liberatory Education Reflection
Progress Across Time
    1. Progress in Lesson Preparation
        -Setting Lesson
        -Robert Munsch Author Study
    2. Progress in Assessment
        -Assessment for CGI Lesson
        -Later CGI Assessment Forms

My PowerPoint Presentation of my Portfolio



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